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RFP Predictor

This is an algorithm based bot that we have developed, it is designed for B2B organizations that respond to large RFP’s.  It takes 2 minutes to complete and will make a suggestion on whether or not to invest in an RFP process.  We found it costs a company on average of 4% of expected revenue from RFP in first year to bid for a contract.  So for every $100k it costs an average of $4k in selling costs, this is an incentive to only respond to RFP’s you believe you can win.

RFP Predictor:

Has your organization ever won a similar RFP?


Have your organization won a similar RFP in the last 12 months?


Has your organization won a similar RFP in the last 6 months?


Can your organization service this without sub-contractors (not including freelancers)?


Does your organization have 4 or more weeks to respond to the RFP?


Does your organization have an existing relationship with key decision makers?


Has your organization carried out work for the RFP authors organization in the last 2 years?



Has your organization worked for this specific division of this organization?


Is your organization the incumbent provider?


Will your organization have strong references directly relating to the services requested?


Does your organization know what the incumbent providers price is (if you are the incumbent, answer yes)?


Does your organization understand what its cost base will be with regards to to product/services that we will need to provide?


Will someone or a team commit to writing the RFP or will this have to be worked around the current workload?


Is this a lowest price wins process once a quality mark/bar has been met?


Is it likely there are less than 5 companies biding for the contract?


Can your organization use existing software or facilities to service the contract?


Have you been asked by the organization that submitted the RFP (the buyer) to take part in the RFP process and submit a proposal?



By clicking submit you agree not to rely on the outcome and that you will make your own judgement on your RFP opportunities without taking into consideration our RFP Predictor.


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