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Sales Recruitment

Sales Recruitment can be difficult because great sales people are inherently high-risk, high-reward personalities who are likely to have a significant impact on your company’s growth.  Unfortunately, the sales profession is full of individuals who are attracted by the money, but aren’t prepared to deliver results.

These individuals usually move from one job to another every couple of years to avoid the inevitable. Often, they interview well, which makes them hard to spot – that’s where our sales recruitment team can help.

During the sales recruitment process we help you to identify sales individuals with a proven track record that are suitable for your industry and business culture.  We work with you to understand your requirements and budget; we then help you shortlist, interview and test suitable candidates.

Once you have selected your preferred candidate, we put them through a two day training course that’s relevant to their position and level.  We are so confident in our ability to find you the most suitable candidate that our sales recruitment team will offer you a 100% free replacement within the first 12 weeks if you aren’t satisfied.


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